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Balston hydrogen generators
Hydrogen gas is produced by electrolytic dissociation of water. Purity of gas is guranteed to be 99.99999+% consistency. This eliminates needs for expensive, dangerous and high pressure cylinders of H2 in the laboratory.
Compressed natural gas filters
  • Low pressure fuel filter coalescer.
  • High pressure fuel filter coalescer.
  • Pressure upto 5000 psi & 50 SCFM.


Balston Ultra High Purity generator
Produces continuous supply of high purity nitrogen gas from existing compressed air. The purity is as high as 99.9995%, exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas.
Finite® - High pressure compressed gas filters
These filters remove excessive amount of liquid aerosols and solid particulate contamination. Pressure upo- 5000 psi.
Balston Zero Air generators
Complete systems with highly reliable components, engineered for easy installation, long term performance and ensures a consistency flat base line. The outlet hydrocarbon concentration shall be less than 0.1 ppm.
Finite® - AQT-4 (Air quality analyser)
  • Mass concentration of contaminants.
  • Pressure due point.
  • Operating Temperature.
  • Operating Pressure.


Balston Zero gas generator
Produces carrier / combustion gas, from existing compressed air supply, eliminating need for high pressure cylinders of oxygen.
Finite® International h-series compressed air and gas filters
  • Coalescing particulate & adsorption.
  • Flowrate 10-1600 SCFM.
  • 1/4"-3" NPT, BSF & BSPT parts.


Balston Compressed Air filters
  • Filter silencers
  • Regulators
  • Automatic drains
  • Lubricators
  • Membrane Air Dryers
  • Balston steam filters
"J" Series High Pressure Compressed Gas Filters
  • Housings provide much needed filtration protection for high pressure systems.
  • Filter elements are metal reinforced for demanding applications.
  • Threaded head-to-bowl design makes servicing easy.
  • Assemblies are supplied with drain ports making bowl sump draining an easy task.
  • Diesel Fuel Filter and Water Separator.
  • Maximum Protection in Minimum space.
  • Re-usable collection Bowl.
  • Available in 2, 10 or 30 microns.
  • Stops water & removes solid contamination.
  • Range is available of primary, secondary and final filtration.


API/Industrial  Separators
  • Qualified API/IP supplier.
  • Cartridges to fit most industry vessels.
  • Teflon coated screen.
  • PH range from 5 to 9.
FBO Fuel Dispension Systems
  • Available in 1, 5, 10, 25 microns.
  • Flow upto 100 gpm.
  • Super absorbent chemically treated filter media.


Fuel Monitors
  • Qualified API/IP 1583 supplier.
  • Qualified for less than 1 micron.
  • Designed to fit existing monitor vessels.
API/Industrial Coalescers
  • Qualified API/IP 1581/83 supplier.
  • Coalescer removes emulsified water & particulates from Jet stream/Hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Micron rating 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10.


Fuel Dispensing Systems
  • Available in 1, 5, 10, 25 microns.
  • Flow upto 100 gpm. Super absorbent chemically treated filter media.
Filter Vessels
  • ASME Loaded Vessels available.
  • Designed for low pressure drop.
  • Vessels for all filtration applications.
Crankcase Ventilation Filter systems
  • Removes oil mist from Crank case emission prior to engine air intake.
  • Replaceable filter media.
  • Removable Oil Collection system.
F. S. Cartridge Micro Filter
  • Qualified API/IP 1590 suppliers.
  • Designed to fit existing filter housing.
  • Micron rating 1, 5, 10, 25.
Wound depth series-XTL & Honey Comb
  1. Honey CombTM - Superior wound quality catridge Rating -0.5 micron to 30 micron.
  2. XTLTM (extended life with high dirt holding capacity) Rating-1.0 micron to 30 micron.
Flopac®- Pleated Cartridges
These are manufactured with premium grade phenolic impregnated cellulose filter media for long service life, high flow rate & low pressure drop Rating-0.5 micron to 30 micron.
Resin bonded Series unique, proprietory design to maximise particle removal and service life in viscous fluid filtration. Rating-2.0 micron to 150 micron.
Poly-MateTM - Pleated Polymate
Cartridges incorporate unique combinations of Polypropylene melt blown and spun bonded media to provide high surface area and nonfibour releasing filtrating.
Absolute rated cartridges with fixed pore structure, thermally bonded polypropylene fibers. Rating-1 micron to 120 micron.
Glass MateTM
These are absolute rated with proprietory glass fiber media. Rating-0.5 micron to 70 micron.
Rigid thermally bonded cartridge with high strength. Rating- 1 micron to 100 micron.
These are absolute rated with proprietory melt blown media and are all polypropylene cartridges. Rating - 0.2 micron to 70 micron.
Most economical high purity cartridges with graded density matrix of polypropylene fibers Rating - 1 micron to 50 micron.
Filter Bags
Perform at high flow rates and is made of
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Viscous Rayon
  • Multifilament Polyester
  • Nomex
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