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A-LOK® Tube Fittings
A-LOK® double ferrule fittings used in instrumentation applications where high-quality, leak-free joints required.

CPITM Tube Fittings
Known for positive, leak-free sealing, CPI TM single ferrule tube fittings meet stringent demands of process control, power and instrumentation systems.
Available in many sizes, configurationss in variety of materials with heat code traceability.

Check Valves and Filters
Parker check valves provide unindirectional control of liquids and gases in numerous sizes and a variety of inch/metric port connections, including CPITM and A-LOK compression and male and female NPT.
Parker in-line and T-type filters are designed as secondary filters for protection of small instrumentation lines and components against contamination.
Adjustable Relief Valves
Parker offers proportional relief valves with externally adjustable pressure settings. Optional manual override permits relief of pressure regardless of the st pont.
Ball Valves
Parker manual, pneumatically actuated, and electrically actuated ball valves control fluids in process, power, meter and instrumentation applications. Miniature, high pressure and swing-out ball valves available in various sizes.

Rotary Plug Valves
Compact quarter-turn valves manufactured from stainless steel or brass bar stock and offered in variety of port connections. The straight-thru design provides minimum pressure drop.

Diaphragm and Bellows Valves
Parker UHP Diaphragm and Bellows valves provide contaminant free, positive shut-off for high-purity gas/fluid systems. These 1/4"-1/2" size analytical and process control valves offer superior leak integrity for manually and pneumatically actuated applications with pressure ranges from vacuum to3500 psig.
Needle Valves
Available in forged or bar stock bodies with port sizes upto one inch. Applications include multi-turn shut-off and coarse regulation in moderate to severe service pressure and temperatures.
Metering Valves
Used in laboratory, calibration, and analytical applications, these precision valves provide stable control of low-flow liquids and gases.
Sample Cylinders and Accessories
Stainless Steel and Aluminium Sample Cylinders and Accessories.
Multitube® Products
Instrument and Heat Trace Tubing products in variety of configurations, from single to multiple lines, for containment, transmission and control of pneumatic signals, gases and liquids. Tubing materials include copper, stainless steel, metal alloys, and Teflon®. Jacketing materials include: PVC, polythene, polyurethane and corrosion-resistant armored cable. Non-hygroscopic glass fiber insulation also available. Specific applications include transport of hazardous gases used in semiconductor manufacture, analyzer, impulse and instrumentation lines, process and sampling lines and transport of cryogenic fluids such as liquid nitrogen.
Manifold Valves
Parker manifold configured needle or rising stem plug valves are available in two, three and five valve units operational upto 6000 psig.
Regulators, Valves and Transducers
Veriflo high purity regulators and valves for ultra-high purity and semi-conductor fabrication markets. Pressure reducing regulators and transducers used in gas cabinets, valves manifold boxes and OEM process equipment. The instrumentation valves and regulators are utilized in gas analyzers and sampling systems.
Flow Manifolds
2, 3, 5 Valve Manifolds in variety of configurations for intrface with differential pressure transmitters

Double block & bleed & flanged manifolds
Complete range of double block and bleed firesafe manifolds and conversion connectors.
Pressure Manifolds
Comprehensive range for interface with pressure gages, transmitters and switches.
Hand Valves
Needle, multi port, gauge, rising plug, O.S & Y, high pressure and cryogenic valves.

Instrumentation PFA/PTFE Products
Broad range of high-quality flow control products including:
Parflare PFA Tube Fittings, pargrip PFA Tube Fittings, Parboard PFA Fusible Pipe Fittings, PFA Valves, PTFE Valves, PTFE Pressure Regulators, PTFE Pumps, and PTFE Flow Meters, Switches and Spray Guns.
Durable, leak-free Partek products include manual, pneumatic, and solenoid actuated valves; check valves, gauge protectors, flow meters, pressure switches, stop-drip units, regulators, and solenoid actuated valves; check valves, gauge protectors, flow meters, pressure switches, stop-drip units, regulators, and positive displacement pneumatic pumps for critical process applications. Used in semiconductor manufacturing; chemical, food, pharmaceutical processing, biomedical and analytical instrumentation markets.All Partek products are cleaned, assembled, tested and bagged in environment.
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